My experience:

• Worked in a music studio in NYC (Manhattan) twice.


• Have recorded the trumpet for a number of artists and albums over the years.


• Have been studying, playing and making music for the last 14 years.


• Did take lessons for the lead trumpet in the Stockholm Royal Opera house.


• Have studied film music and music production at university level.


• Have recorded numerous artists and bands over the years.




A point and click nerd and have played all the classic P'n'C games.

Started playing the guitar at first, but thought trumpet was cooler.

Thinks se7en is the best movie ever made.

Likes to cook and is considering myself a vegan.

Likes the sound of paper being cut by a sissor.

But, enough about me. Let's grab a coffee at

my studio and talk

about you :)

Or you can just send

me an email and we'll take it from there!





My name is Ted and I'm a blond, browned-eyed swede.


As a child growing up in the lands of ABBA and Max Martin (look him up) I have been thoroughly indoctrinated with creativity and a strong sense of melody.


This, in other words, has led me in a interesting path containing games, music, movies, tv, studios, big cities, universities, fellow musicians and artists and a lot more.


And today I have been working for the last 7 years with composing, producing and sound designing on a professional level.






Logic pro X



Unity (Getting there)



Java (Also getting there)









*I do also know how to play the guitar, bass, drums and piano



Handeling cute dogs



Indie games



Staying up too late



A horrible looser



And even worse winner


My love for coffee